Responsive Design, HTML5 CSS3With over 10 years designing and managing websites, I know what it takes to make a website successful.  It’s more than just looks of a site, half the battle is developing a website that can compete against your competition.  This means structuring your website to optimize with search engines, have an eye-catching design and having a responsive design to have the website flow and display correctly on any device the user accesses your site from.  Previously working in local news, I built 5 years experience managing six websites that battled daily for traffic.  I now manage a handful of websites and use my search engine optimization knowledge in the work I do today.

Below is a list of some of the websites I designed with insight into what went into the design and implementation:



This website included Google Business changes as well as a site redesign and photo session of their equipment.  The client wanted to showcase their 24/7 towing services as well as incorporate actual photos of their own equipment.





This recently launched website is compatible on all devices and features information about Cam Alexander Fit’s business as well as a fitness blog.




Essington Creative design of psibeta.netLink:

This website I designed and currently manage.  As an active alumni in my local fraternity chapter, I utilized my design skills to develop a website used to keep alumni and active members of the fraternity informed and up to date on events and happenings of the chapter.  This website includes an e-mailing list, sign up forms for various events, photos, news and more.



Essington Creative design of shop.cahousemusic.comLink:

I was introduced to the awesome folks at C A House Music who were searching for a solution with the shopping section of their website.  Their shop section of their website did not look the same as their main website and they needed to utilize it better with their in store shopping software that coordinated with their online website.  This was a unique project for me not dealing with the shopping software they utilized.  In less than a week I investigated how their shopping software worked and within a few months I had their new shop site launched.


Essington Creative design of nailsbymarsee.comLink:

This website is for my mother’s nail salon in Mt. Pleasant, Pa.  It’s a minimal website but appropriate for a small business looking to get its mark on the internet.




Essington Creative design of draftletes.comLink:

This website already had its content built.  Articles written, photos added, it just needed a professional look.  I like to talk about this website because it utilizes the WordPress content management system.  I’ve built websites using just Notepad and have used software and other content management systems out there but I take a particular liking to WordPress.  It lays the groundwork for some incredible looking websites and still gives you access to go under the hood and really pull off unique, one of a kind designs when needed.  I’ll be helping the launch of advertising blocks for this web site soon.


Essington Creative design of civicall.netThe above sites are just a few of the sites I’ve designed and managed, if you want more examples that are not listed here or have additional questions, please feel free to contact me today.